BT Redcare

BT Redcare works with a network of business partners to provide a comprehensive range of security services, helping almost 400,000 organisations run their businesses safely and securely. The company is also a leading provider of CCTV transmission in the public sector, with more than 600 schemes across the UK.

Fire & Security - Key Facts & Figures


The Redcare network securely monitors alarm signalling through to the alarm receiving centre which alerts the emergency services for the fastest possible response. We provide several alarm signalling services which work over different technologies and offer different levels of protection against intruders, accidental fire or arson.

Responding to false alarms at business premises costs the police approximately £40 million a year. The police now, therefore, only respond to alarm activations with positive confirmation from an eye-witness or via an accredited alarm receiving centre from confirmed alarm activations.

BT Redcare uses intelligent technology to actively check that the phone line is working and to detect any problems. Most of our services also have the back-up of two signalling paths and capable of sending a 'confirmed activation' to ensure response from the emergency services, even if the telephone line is cut or damaged.

BT Redcare signalling solutions are backed by the insurance industry and comply with British and European Standards for intruder and fire alarm signalling.

Through our channel partners, the end user (either business or residential) would be advised on the BT Redcare system that's right for them and provided with a quote that includes installation, remote monitoring and annual maintenance.

CCTV - Key Facts & Figures


BT Redcare systems support real-time CCTV, ANPR and storage solutions used by a wide range of public authorities ranging from parish councils through to the Home Office.

BT Redcare’s point-to-point transmission services, rs1000 and rs1000d, will connect the camera to the control room via a near broadcast quality, real-time transmission link. These services can aid crime prevention, reduce man-guarding costs, support successful prosecutions and enable effective fraud investigation.

Product Name Grade* Path Type Why?
4 Dual Dual path, grade 4 protection with the added benefit of event based video recording and remote cameras to enable visibility of your premises remotely.
4 Dual The secondary GSM path provides maximum protection and ensures alarm activations can continue to get through to the ARC, even if your phone line has been cut or damage.
4 Single Grade 4 protection against accidental fire or arson which will alert the ARC within seconds to notify the emergency services, if required.
4 Single Grade 4 protection which monitors your alarm over a BT phone line and if the alarm is activated your ARC will be alerted within seconds.
2 Dual Cost effective, grade 2 level of protection which uses GPRS (mobile technology) with the added protection of any standard PSTN or IP line as a back-up path.

*Grade 4 is the highest level of protection in the market